Your virtual office in Kraków

Smaller time and financial expenditure

If you are not required to have your own head office or permanent work place, then the Virtual Office and Virtual Office PLUS services are just right for you. Both virtual office options include a mail service – receiving letters and parcels. We scan in the received correspondence and then send it immediately or at certain intervals to a specified address.

We are accurate, meticulous and punctual – you have the peace of mind that we will take care of your matters. However, the Offoffice virtual office is much more than just a virtual company address and correspondence management. Based on a Virtual Office PLUS agreement our customers attain the right to register their company at our Kraków address.They can also actually use desks and conference rooms for free according to a schedule set forth within the agreement.

Stable business growth

It is no easy feat to find reliable and trustworthy business partners, especially when one is just making the first steps. We are in close cooperation with renowned business support specialists, such as a law firm and an accounting firm. This means our customers have access to a wide range of business support and advisory services and can establish mutually beneficial relationships with other businesses.

The physical virtual office is located at ul. Bydgoska 6. Convenient location (outside of the city car parking charge zone), easy access by car or public transport, modern building and picturesque surroundings are just some of the benefits of our building. It's location, right on the outskirts of Wincenty á Paulo Park means we enjoy fresh and soothing views in central Kraków. See table below for a Virtual Office and Virtual Office PLUS comparison.

A Virtual office is more than just a convenient mailbox solution or an opportunity to register a company at our address. Our virtual office also provides you with space for you to operate and grow. You can invite your customers and partners to an official address shown on your business card or website. They will be greeted by a plaque with your company's logo, a friendly receptionist who will point out the way to an office or conference room with your meeting, recruitment interview or presentation.

Discover all the advantages of the Virtual Office and Virtual Office PLUS packages available from Offoffice.