SmartOffice – more than just an office


Are you looking to rent a prestigious, practical office in Kraków for a short or an unspecified term? Do you need office space outside of your main office? Do you need space for extra staff? Are you putting together a group of specialists to work on a project? Perhaps you are looking for a separate work space for a group of co-workers? Offoffice has just the solution.


SmartOffice is an extremely convenient and affordable service addressed to businessmen looking for maximum practicality at minimum commitment. It is also ideal for those whose business is seasonal, project teams as well as domestic and foreign companies who are looking to open branches in Kraków and need temporary office space. Once your business is registered, you can move in on the same day.


The Offoffice coworking office offers flexible hire of private, fully furnished and air conditioned offices for medium teams (4–6 people). We provide:



The building's location, right on the outskirts of Wincenty á Paulo Park is yet another advantage of our offices. It is more than just an opportunity for a refreshing walk, some slackline exercise or to play team games during work breaks. It is also soothing greenery in central Kraków.


We began as a start-up, without bewildering funds or vast business knowledge. The large offices available for lease in central Kraków were out of our reach and to grow we needed to be able to concentrate on our work. With Offoffice office rental we hit the bull's eye. An agreement signed in 15 minutes. All we had to do to begin working was to walk in and switch on the computers. This, together with a virtual office and accounting support, made it possible for us to focus on our core business. Now our team has grown, we have our own office and are opening a branch in Rzeszów. Thank you and all the best!




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