Coworking office 10 minutes away from the Town Square

Take advantage of coworking space which you'll not find anywhere else in the city. The Offoffice Coworking Office delivers a rare combination of soothing park landscape with a central Kraków location. Windows overlook trees and alleys and the park itself is just a stone's throw away – just step out of the building. Everyday contact with natural greenery is scientifically proven to benefit concentration, productivity and health – find out for yourselves.

Co-workers will experience an amazing atmosphere, broadband internet (Wi-Fi/cable) and desks with comfortable fully adjustable chairs, to be arranged as needed or required. Our offices are air-conditioned, light and feature a modern interior design, come with cleaning services, water, coffee and tea are regularly topped up – that is something we always take care of. You receive a place ready to start working in, with all the conveniences of call A office space.


Sound proofed telephone booths


You can also take advantage of "Telephone Booths" – separated from the other space, air conditioned and sound proofed, designed for discreet and confidential business conversations. The booths constitute a specialised solution for those handling recruitment processes, castings, teleconferences or who need a place for lengthy commercial conversations. Everyone who had the pleasure of talking on the phone for a number of hours will appreciate the discretion and convenience of this service.


Benefits for everybody


Apart from a convenient place to work, a large terrace and a garden adjacent to a park our customers can also use a kitchen and a universal Relax Zone. An opportunity to strike up new relationships over a cup of tea or coffee, a PS4 console and a large screen TV, comfortable poufs are just some of the amenities available to our co-workers. Discover them all during your first free day and convince yourself that you'll not find a better place for your business to thrive!

- Halo? Halo? HALO???
- Haloo...?
- Kuba?
- Kto mówi?
- Ale czy Kuba?
- Ale KTO mówi?
- Jeżeli nie Kuba, moje nazwisko pana nic nie powi... Kuba?
- Jaki Kuba?
- Goldberg...
- A jeżeli Kuba, to kto mówi?
- Rappaport!

fragment ze skeczu "Sęk", Kabaret Dudek