Offoffice – offices for rent / conference rooms / virtual office


Office space
for companies and freelancers


Mon–Sat, 8:00 am – 8:00 pm, ul. Bydgoska 6, Kraków


Competitive prices,
attractive discounts


Fully furnished,
modern decor


Relax zone
and windows overlooking a park

SmartOffice – an office standard which you'll appreciate

Inexpensive, modern offices, close to Kraków city centre, self-managed and available right away, just when you need it. Plus broadband internet, separate Wi-Fi in every room and fully furnished conference rooms. Take a stroll in the garden or on the terrace during work breaks. Take full advantage of the available table football and PS4 console. And did we already mention that all of the above is practically in a park?

Air conditioned, light and aesthetically furnished office space available at ul. Bydgoska 6, close to Kraków city centre. This is an ideal opportunity for new businesses as well as companies who are in the process of moving to different premises or opening a branch in Kraków.

We will do our best to cater for your individual short-term business strategy – without long-term commitments, investments or having to concern yourselves about trivial things like the utilities. We offer flexible terms for the hire of a fully functional office, accommodating 4–6 people. Attractive discounts are also available for conference room hire.


Virtual office – Kraków address, prestige and convenience

Taking advantage of our virtual office service you will be entitled to use the attractive ul. Bydgoska 6 Kraków address as your correspondence or business address. This adds to your prestige and credibility. Legal and official matters become straightforward. Discounts for other services as well as legal, tax and accounting consultancy are available to our customers. For a detailed specification of these see the services tab. Kraków's most convenient coworking office. 

Kraków's most convenient coworking office.

Coworking is not a new concept, but here at Offoffice we have perfected it. We have created exceptionally comfortable working and professional development conditions in spacious premises overlooking a park. These are ideal for freelancers, sole traders as well as all those looking for an intermediate solution between renting an expensive office and the mess associated with working from home or a restaurant. Whether you are interested in conferences, recruitment processes, commercial presentations or business negotiations – this coworking office is the right place. Per hour, per day or per month – you decide.

Per hour, per day or per month – you decide.

Our regular users and those who only need a coworking office for an hour here or there can focus on their task at hand and leave everything else to us. We will look after the work space, equipment and atmosphere to deliver the convenience you need. Apart from classic work places we also have two, comfortable, noise proofed telephone booths as well as conference and training rooms.